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Jimmy Smash

With a background from two very different music genres, one would never think that Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad would end up as the duo Jimmy Smash. Mikkel grew up with the sound of A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, The Roots and dug himself to a doctorate in J Dilla.

Håvard on the other hand, spent the teenage years playing guitar and drums with prog-and trash metal bands as his greatest source of inspiration. It later showed that precisely these two different musical backgrounds, in symbiosis, became the base for shaping the sound of Jimmy Smash.

Their first song was a cover of Fleetwood Mac's' Landslide ', followed by their debut single 'Macadamian' in 2017. 
 As Jimmy Smash, the duo has established a sound based on likings and preferences that span across loads of different genres. Stitched together with modern production twist, and aesthetics borrowed from classical music, to an airy version of neo-electronic soul.

With elements, melodies, samples and production techniques from every possible genre, pop, rap, soul, contemporary R&B, americana, and rock, in a mix of digital programming and organic, analog instruments, Jimmy Smash has created their own warm and rich signature.

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Viljar Siljan

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