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Kristin Dahl

Kristin Dahl has been right under the surface of the music world for some time. She started early on with being trained in classical music, but got the real revelation for music when she heard Destiny’s Child for the first time. Later on, she’s been inspired by artists such as Aretha Franklin, D’Angelo, Alabama Shakes and Noora Noor. She has earlier toured with a band all around Norway, and figured as the opening act for Led Zeppelin singer, Robert Plant. With her powerful voice, a rhythmic blend of soul, blues and r&b gets tied together into magnificent and individual music. Without revealing too much of the meaning behind her lyrics, she wishes for her listeners to create their own opinion and meaning. Kristin Dahl is releasing her debut album «Freedom Comes» in the Fall of 2021.



Sondre Ødegaard

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